Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple Lemon-Lime Soda

     We had my two girls, Maggie and Lucie, over this weekend and Tammy and I decided to get them involved in making a simple lemon-lime soda. We didn't really have a recipe for this one, so we decided to 'wing it.' After a short trip to the grocery store (we were short on lemons) we gathered the ingredients. They're seen here on Tammy's most recent table-scape:

     This recipe yields four servings (1/4 cup syrup per serving):
     -two medium sized lemons;
     -two limes;
     -1 cup sugar;
     -about 1/2 cup water.

     Start by juicing your lemons and limes. We still haven't invested in a juicer (but Christmas is coming!!!) so we pressed the girls into service squeezing the fruit. Don't worry, they washed their hands, and the syrup's going to be well-boiled.

     The girls (Maggie on left, Lucie on right) really enjoyed getting into squeezing the lemons and limes. The yield was 1/2 cup of combined lemon and lime juice, which we strained through a fine mesh strainer. We then added 1/2 cup water to make one cup of base. That was added to the one cup of sugar in a stainless steel saucepan and brought to simmer / light boil for 14 minutes and reduced to one cup of finished syrup.
     We let the syrup cool to room temperature and mixed 1/4 cup syrup with 1 1/3 cup cold seltzer water for a nice treat after dinner. The girls declared it to be much better than store-bought lemon-lime soda. I agree!
     The syrup had a light golden color, and the mixed soda has a nice gold tint, slighly less than a store-bought ginger ale. The citrus balance came down slightly in favor of the lime, which added a nice citrus bite (but not too much). The taste was excellent, and this will make a nice base for adding in other fruit flavors, maybe raspberry, mango....who knows. Try your own, and enjoy!



  1. Not only does your soda sound amazing, but your blog and family is charming and just delightful! Thank you for sharing with me...and thank you for visiting my own blog. I look forward to sharing posts in the future!

  2. Very nice table spread you have there! I've added your blog to my reading list, so I'll definitely check back here often.

    I find that with fruit juices and especially citrus juices, if you boil it with the sugar, you tend to lose some of the tartness. I suspect the citric acid is being destroyed with the heat or as it's hydrolyzing the sucrose.

    So if you find that your lemon lime is lacking some tartness, you may want to heat your sugar/water first, then add the juices and remove from heat.

    Nevertheless it sounds like you made an excellent soda all the same! Keep it up, I'd be glad to see more and swap recipes!